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Working Toward A Better Tomorrow

Dealing with the challenges of today requires problem-solvers who bring different perspectives and are willing to take risks. The William James & Rosa Lee Little Foundation, Inc. emerged out of a pursuit to inspire and support communities, as well as a desire for actions to speak louder than words.  Established on August 26, 2013, we’re an organization driven by progressive ideas, bold actions, and an increasingly strong foundation of support.


That foundation began with William James and Rosa Lee Little, our organizational namesakes. This is why I lovingly coined this organization, Rosa's Will.  William James Little was a great man. His life was rich because of the impact he left on those with whom he crossed paths.  He was that Good Samaritan, that Kingdom man, that person who anyone he met could call friend and an excellent father.  He would do anything for anyone, at any time, if possible. Within his community and beyond he was Servant Leadership personified, well before the term was coined.


Every church he visited was his home away from home, but Sweeney Street Baptist Church was his church home. There he was the Head Deacon, the Sunday School Superintendent and teacher, Chairman of the Deacon Board, Trustee Board and Missionary Society Member.  He was just as actively involved within his surrounding communities as the Vice-President of the Laymen's League for The Green River Valley District Association. He was the type of man who visited the sick and shut-in after church every Sunday. William James Little left a legacy of love and service for his fellowman as a testament to his life. 

William James Little served his country within the military ranks of The United States Army, serving in Alaska, and The United States Air Force, serving in the Philippians and in the Korean War. He and Rosa Lee Little were married for 32 years and had six children, of which, our Founder and CEO is the youngest.

Rosa Lee Little, was a strong, disciplined, Kingdom Woman with a beautiful heart as well as an excellent mother, and great friend to have.  Ms. Rosie, Sister/Mother/Missionary Little, as she was referred to by many, was also Dean Mother of the Church, and a licensed Missionary.  She wore many hats including wife and mother.  Among those were seamstress, adult choir director and member, usher, soloist, pianist and organist.  She was also a leader, a teacher in ministry and Sunday School, and often an organizer of Vacation Bible School.  Mother Little created the Children's Sunbeam Choir and made the choir robes for both the children's and adult choir's.  Our "Sunbeam" Programs are a gesture of homage to her mantle.  Rosa Little was also a church fundraiser, organizing events which provided improvements for the church sanctuary and its initiatives.

William James & Rosa Lee Little loved and embraced their family deeply. This was exhibited in the open door policy at our home growing up and the lessons instilled within the family. These examples continue to be a part of our efforts of learning, growing and Embracing Family throughout our communities. This is the love that is at the forefront of every effort this organization strives to achieve.


Contact us to learn more about our efforts to continue our family legacy and learn how you can get involved as we Embrace Family within our communities.

 “Man Judges Man’s Actions. God Judges Man’s Heart.” I Samuel 16:7 emphasis Muhammad Ali