Our Founder, CEO & Executive Director

Pamla DL Johnson_Founder, CEO, Executive Director
Pamla DL Johnson Troy University 2017 Chancellor's Breakfast
Pamla DL Johnson - MPA Grad Photo
William James & Rosa Lee Little
The Johnson Family, Pamla, Theron, and Amber-Nicolette
President Jimmy Carter, Pamla DL Johnson, and First Lady Rosalynn Carter

"Be the rainbow in someone's cloud"   ~ Maya Angelou

Here at The William James & Rosa Lee Little Foundation, we are committed to investing our expertise and resources in order to further achieve our cause. Since August 26, 2013, we’ve been supporting our community members in a variety of ways and measuring our success not only by monetary size, but by more qualitative measurements such as the scale and effectiveness of our efforts. It is those efforts that empower us to continually improve our process thus, providing more effective services. 

Pamla DL Johnson knows that empowered women empower others. That is why she decided to pursue one of her passions in this manner.  After suffering her own financial setbacks as a single parent, she found herself in need of financial assistance within several areas which eventually led to homelessness. As she struggled to provide her daughter with the best possible opportunities for her educational future, this became increasingly difficult.  Her pursuits had a common underlying theme, a disproportion in income and the growing needs of her family. Pamla earned too much money to qualify for assistance from most organizations and not enough money to support and provide the type of educational opportunities which would better position her child for success. 


Having fought and survived homelessness, domestic violence, an out of state custody battle, as well as the reclaiming of her own 'Deferred Dreams,' it has taken years of strong determination, faith, unwavering commitment, immeasurable grace and many blessings to reposition herself to this point in her walk.  Pamla's first hand and in-depth knowledge of the struggles as a homeless single-parent are at the heart of her desire to help other homeless and/or single parents with that extra aid necessary to keep them from falling through the cracks. This will afford opportunity. Opportunity to come out on the other side of hardship successfully.


Pamla's passionate, reignited-enthusiasm to serve comes from a place of familiarity, the foundation her parents provided. The gems of wisdom they left throughout the community march across her memory, fueling her desire to be the best reflection of the heart of a servant leader, just as her parents provided through the example of their lives.


The work done is not only her dedication to them but the pursuit of her passion which is the core of who she truly is. The life legacy Pamla wishes to leave is a tribute to her parents and a contribution to her community that affords the feeling of  what she felt when she received that Family Embrace through assistance that she so desperately needed and is appreciative of.

Her legacy will let the whole world know that an Empowered Woman, Empowers Others... #RosasWill!

Here's To Strong Women.

May We Know Them.

May We Be Them.

May We Raise Them.


Just imagine what we can do together and join us in our walk!